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With over 12 million customers, <a href="">Direct TV</a> is the nation's largest provider of <a href="">satellite TV</a> service. Available in all 50 states, <a href="">order Direct TV</a> claims to offer the "most channels for your dollar." While <a href="">Direct satellite TV</a> does offer slightly fewer overall channels than the Dish Network, it features exclusive sports packages like the <a href="">NFL Sunday Ticket</a> and Mega March Madness that are not available from any other satellite provider. Local TV channels are available in most major US cities, giving more than half of <a href="">Direct TV Deals</a> customers access to local programming via satellite. For customers with high definition TVs, <a href="">Direct TV</a> offers a high definition package that feature four channels of high definition programming as well as select high definition programming on HBO and Showtime.


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