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Abgeschickt von Christine / Elicia Pomeroy am 14 Oktober, 2001 um 16:05:53

Wir (Di Chuzpenics) haben per e-mail diesen Fragebogen bekommen. Ich dachte, vielleicht haben ja noch Leute Lust, zu antworten (auch wenn sie schon in Deutschland ist, hat die Lady wohl trotzdem Zugriff auf ihre mails, denke ich). Die Adresse ich (mein Flötist hat mir zwar "" gemailt, aber ich glaub', das trifft's nicht ganz...).

Elicia Pomeroy schrieb:
> As a journalist for The Jewish Week newspaper in New York I will be spending
> most of October in Germany. One topic that I'd like to explore is the
> Klezmer scene.
> Here are several questions to start:
> 1. How would you characterize Germany's Klezmer scene in terms of its
> popularity?
> 2. How is the scene different from and similar to the Klezmer wave in
> Eastern Europe?
> 3. When did it begin to really emerge?
> 4. Is it possible to characterize the music itself? Is it subject to
> different influences from Klezmer produced in the United States?
> 5. Can you tell me briefly about the history of your band, and your own
> attraction to Klezmer music?
> 6. Is your interest in Klezmer related to an interest in Jewish culture
> generally? Please describe other ways in which this interest manifests
> itself.
> 7. Please describe yourself briefly. (Age, hometown, musical instruments you
> play, general knowledge of Jewish culture, history.)
> Thanks very much for your help!
> Best,
> Elicia Brown (Pomeroy)


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