Online live concert of Ladino Sephardic Band from Russia

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Freitag, den 10. Februar, 2006 - 01:21

Possibly, our information will be to you interesting and important.

We invite you to listen online live concert of unusual ethnic music Band from Russia "Lampa Ladino" ("Ladino Lamp" on english).
From press-relise: "Russian ensemble group "Lampa Ladino" serenades the modern world with traditional Sephardic romance music.
The haunting and unforgettable music of Lampa Ladino is based on the traditional romance music written in the Judeo-Spanish language of Ladino by Sephardim Jews who lived in the Iberian Peninsula from the time of Christ until their expulsion in the 15th century".

Show will begin at 10:00 AM GMT February 11 in Moscow studio Audgard and will be transmitted to entire world from the site
Please search for details here:

Concert will be released on video and audio disks, and its fragments will be accessible on site

Waiting for You on Saturday near the computer!

Dmitry Tsidilin

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