KlezFest London mit Klezmatics und anderen 10. bis 15. Juli

virtual klezmer Forum: Konzerte und Veranstaltungen: KlezFest London mit Klezmatics und anderen 10. bis 15. Juli


Freitag, den 25. März, 2005 - 12:42
KlezFest London from 10 - 15 July this year - at London University.

See the Website http://www.jmi.org.uk for details of the wonderful week of klezmer music song
and dance from morning till night.

Its official - the KLEZMATICS will be the core of KlezFest London this year - and Frank
London will be this year's guest Programme Director of the whole show - with fellow
'matics', Lorin, Lisa, Matt, Paul and David as key faculty members along with Michael
Alpert, Jeff Warschauer, Deborah Strauss, Sophie Solomon, Josh Dolgin, Merlin Shepherd and

Alongside KlezFest is the Jewish Song Summer School led this year by Shura Lipovsky of
Amsterdam with Jacinta of Paris coming to teach ladino song. Polina Achkinazi Shepherd
will be accompanying and creating vocal ensembles and Ruti Halvani who runs the term-time
JMI Jewish Song School will be the hospitality Director.

And if you want to go deeper into Yiddish - then Ot Azoy! a one wek Yiddish Crash Course
follows from 17 - 22 July.

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