KlezFest Kiev, Ukraine 21. bis 25. August 2005

virtual klezmer Forum: Konzerte und Veranstaltungen: KlezFest Kiev, Ukraine 21. bis 25. August 2005


Freitag, den 25. März, 2005 - 12:36
Come Celebrate the Rebirth of Klezmer Music in the Former
Soviet Union at the 6th Annual KlezFest, Ukraine!

August 21-25, 2005
Kiev, Ukraine

Musicians and non-musicians alike are invited to join
several dozen extremely talented musicians from Russia,
Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus and Estonia as they explore the
folk music of their ancestors.

The program includes:

* Music classes in Yiddish song, klezmer instrumental style,
and new Jewish composition.

* Yiddish classes at levels from Beginner through Advanced.

* Nightly klezmer jam sessions with singing and dancing, as
well as mini concerts during the day.

* The Gala Concert featuring exclusively KlezFest

* Mini-forum discussions with KlezFest participants about
music and life, particularly Jewish life, in the former
Soviet Union.

* An excursion to explore the Jewish sites of Kiev.

* Optional excursions to other sites of Jewish interest in
Ukraine. .

* Translators for non-Russian speakers.

Teachers include:

* Founder and director of the ensemble Budowitz Joshua
Horowitz (USA)

* Klezmatics founding singer Lorin Sklamberg (USA)

* Pianist and new Jewish music composer Marilyn Lerner

* Klezmer clarinetist Merlin Shepherd (UK)

* Klezfest "alumni" Yiddish singer, composer and choral
leader Polina Achkinazi- Shepherd (UK-Russia)

Klezfest in Ukraine is devoted to the study of traditional
Ashkenazi music and its modern interpretation in both
composition and performance. It is a production of the
Center of Jewish Education in Ukraine, with the support of
the Jewish Community Development Fund in Russia and Ukraine
(US) and UJA-Federation of New York (US).

The number of participants Klezfest can accommodate is
limited. Westerners interested in attending KlezFest should
email Festival Director Yana Yanover
(center@cjeu.carrier.kiev.ua) as soon as possible for more
information on applying. The deadline for applications is
June 15, 2004.

Musicians may be asked to send an audio or video tape as
well as photographs and information about themselves.
Non-musicians should send an email letter of intent stating
their interest in attending the festival as well as which
aspects most appeal to them.

The fee of $500 for accepted applicants will cover housing,
meals and training expenses. For Russian- and/or Yiddish
speakers, this fee is reduced to $400. Please contact the
organizing committee for student rates or any additional
information at:

General information:

The Center of Jewish Education in Ukraine
Kurska St., 6, room 37,
03049, Kiev, Ukraine
Tel: (380-44) 248-3670, 248-3634, 248-5377;
fax: (380-44) 248-3670, 248-5377
E-mail: center@cjeu.carrier.kiev.ua

Travel and visas information:
Jewish Community Development Fund in Russia and Ukraine
c/o AJWS
45 W.36th Street, 10th floor NY, NY 10018
tel. 212-273-1642
E-mail: jcdf@ajws.org

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