"Ikh shtey unter a bokserboym" lyrics (please!!!)

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Donnerstag, den 26. April, 2007 - 20:00
The lyrics can be found in the liner notes of the Klezmatics CD with
Chava Alberstein, entitled "The Well". You can buy the CD for
instance on Amazon.

Den Text des Liedes findet man in dem Booklet zur CD "The Well"
von den Klezmatics & Chava Alberstein.


Dienstag, den 24. April, 2007 - 19:50

Ikh shtey unter a bokserboym seems to be a poppular song, as it's included in many cd's. However its lyrics are impossible to be found.

Could you send the lyrics by e-mail, please? or share a link where the song can be found?

thanks you in advance


Donnerstag, den 26. Oktober, 2006 - 13:38
Hi Irene,

I sent you the lyrics via email.



Donnerstag, den 26. Oktober, 2006 - 10:55
Hi everyone!
I'm Irene, a 20 years old italian student (cello&solo singing) of the Verdi conservatorire in Milan.
I'm currently attending a world music stage, and I'm desperately looking for "Ikh shtey unter a bokserboym" (wich I fell in love for) lyrics. My ensemble (clarinets, violin, viola, accordeon, bassoon)and the composer we are working with managed to work on the tune... but till now I can only sing "da-dee-dum". One of the teacher (Fabrizio Meloni, who's a youn and incredibly talented clarinet player) has great skills on klezmer instrumental music, but he actually doesn't know were to find the lyrics!
Will you please help us?
Here in Italy there's no way to find open yiddish coulture sources...
I'd be extremely grateful!
Many thanks,
I. (and my colleagues Dario, Aida, Marco, Grazia, Valerio, Costantino, Maria, Filippo, Fabrizio)

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